Our Story

To align the world with one vibe at a time, is the mission of the Yuníverse


The Yuníverse story is born January 2017 in the valley of the sun, Phoenix, Arizona. Stephen Woolfolk was interested in a way to unify people and to spread good vibes. Inspired by traveling across the world and seeing what was happening in person changed his perspective on what he truly wanted to do.  After trying a couple different endeavors to help end the plastic bottle crisis across the world, Stephen decided to focus his vision on building communities all over the world with one thing in common, good vibes. Stephen started working for a Pharmaceutical company as a representative thinking he could help people through medicine but after a year, he realized what he was being asked to do and the products he was asked to represent did not coincide with his mantra or his personal goals to align people. After learning about CBD from a few clients and seeing the benefits his girlfriend was experiencing, Stephen began studying CBD in 2015 and decided that this could be the basis as to which he could spread good vibes. There are enough reasons to focus on the negative, The Yuníverse has the vision to optimize the daily experience of people from all over Earth and create a community that connects on a higher frequency. Set your intention for the day and Let the Yuniverse handle the details!